Hartwall has sponsored the construction work and maintenance of the roundabout by its head office. The new roundabout at the intersection of the roads Pitäjänmäentie, Kaupintie and Korsupolku is adorned by a work of environmental art that evokes the long history of beer brewing in the Pitäjänmäki district. Copper extraction hoods have been placed at the centre of the roundabout and on the adjacent slope, where there is also an information board explaining the significance of the extraction hoods and the history of local brewing in Finnish and Swedish.

The Pitäjänmäki district has been the site of beer brewing activities for hundreds of years. Already in 1728 the mill at Munkkiniemi Manor was converted into an inn that brewed its own beer. In 1873 master brewer Johann Kröckel founded a brewery in the same area, producing a wide selection of beers and soft drinks. Today Oy Hartwall Ab continues these traditions in Pitäjänmäki.


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