Helsinki residents have their very own orchard in a fenced garden in Malminkartano. The orchard was originally used by the university, and most of the trees were planted in the 1940s. The orchard was later transferred to the City of Helsinki. The gate is open year-round. In springtime, when the trees are in blossom the public is welcome to come for a picnic, and in autumn people can pick fruits for themselves.

Here is instructions for fruit picking, because the trees should be treated with respect.

  • The harvest from this park belongs to all Helsinki residents.
  • Start by collecting any fruit from the ground that is suitable for eating.
  • Please pick only ripe fruit that detaches easily from the branches.
  • Fruit may not be picked for resale.


  • Do not climb the trees.
  • Do not hang from the branches.
  • Do not shake the trees.