Become a park pal

You can enroll as a volunteer at the Customer Service of the Urban Environment Division, and the address is Sörnäistenkatu 1.

When becoming a volunteer, you fillin the form called Pledge to work for a good cause. At the same time, you will receive an insurance card, a Good Cause waistcoat and a litter picker, as well as the contact details of your supervisor. Your supervisor works at Stara or a private contractor.

The supervisor acts as a regional contact person. You can agree with the supervisor on the practical work that you would like to do.

Handbook for Parkpals pdf

The parks belong to citizens

Did you know, that for everyone who lives in Helsinki, there is an area of park covering 15.5 square metres and well over 200 square metres of other green areas, such as meadows, fields, forests and nature conservation areas?

By going on park walks, you can learn more about them. Keep an eye on the Nature Tour Calendar, Facebook or event notice boards and you will find out when walks are being organised.

By reading the webpages – Park Walks in Helsinki, you will learn so much that you too could become a guide in a park.

You too can be a volunteer!

Here you can read what is required to become a Park Pal. The registration form can be filled in electronically at the Urban Environment`s Customer Service (Sörnäistenkatu 1).

The “Good Things Grow in Helsinki” movement brings together local residents, businesses and the City of Helsinki to help make the city better, more beautiful and more enjoyable. Launched in 2005, the “Good Things Grow in Helsinki” movement is brought to you by the Helsinki City Urban Environment Division. Join in!

Park pals in Suomenlinna

By becoming a park pal at Suomenlinna Helsinki residents have the chance to participate in the upkeep of a UNESCO [...]